A little history of SMARTparent and its founders:


Completing a 300-page PhD thesis in biochemistry, moving across 4 continents and working with children amongst extreme poverty in Africa has shaped my interests and core values. I prefer to research everything and can generally be found reading through long-winded scientific journals rather than blog posts for information. I have a penchant for the scientific method and recently discovered that I actually do like to be in the lab when I am doing research on a topic I find interesting and relevant (e.g. cloth diapers!). Like every parent, I want to leave the world a better place for my children. I believe that everyone can and should think big, but start small. SMARTbaby has been in modern cloth diapers since birth and I hope to teach him not to fear chemistry or scientific advancement, but to be mindful and respectful of the only Earth we have to spare.


I originally trained in the healthcare system, then as a legal secretary, but for many years I have worked with planning, sales and marketing. I have 3 grown boys, all of whom used old-fashioned cloth diapers and hand-knitted wool covers as babies. I am very artistic and I love to focus my creativity on sewing, knitting, felting wool and designing silver jewelry. When my first grandchild (SMARTbaby) was born, I was very happy to once again have a little person to fuel my creativity. As SMARTmama kept coming to me with more wishes based on products she had seen in her travels, we struck on the idea to find these unique and useful products and introduce them to Denmark on a larger scale. We have strengths in very different areas, but the same passion and energy to succeed, and this is what makes us such a powerful team. It has taken a lot of planning, but we are excited to offer our products here at SMARTparent.dk.

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'Fantastisk handle oplevelse. Det kunne ikke være nemmere!!!'
'Det er ihvertfald ikke sidste gang jeg handler hos dig!. Man får jo en fantastisk service! Tak!'